benefits of social media marketing

5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Just like in-person marketing, the key to succeed in social media is to concentrate on engaging and interacting with your target audience. Harnessing these aspects effectively can help you yield the best results – while reaping all the top benefits of social media marketing for real estate.

There’s a lot of value behind social media. Digital marketing through this medium has impacted every aspect of people’s daily lives.

Users go to search engines for everything they need. From booking hotels to finding the best seafood restaurant near their location, social media makes it easier and more convenient for them. Because of this, small businesses – including real estate agents – are continuously gaining incredibly valuable opportunities to grow and succeed.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

In a very competitive real estate market, realtors and agents who gain traction in driving qualified leads are those who know and are able to adapt with a rapidly evolving online environment dominated by social media.

So, if you’re still not integrating social media in your digital marketing strategy, it’s time for you to do so.

Social media platforms are very popular nowadays, and promoting on them is already a necessity for marketers who want to stand out from the competition. It presents tremendous advantages for your real estate brand – from better customer service to maximized reach.

1. Cost-effective

Real estate agents know that closing a deal on a new property is not instantaneous. It requires lots of convincing before the deal is done. The whole process, from acquiring the lead to converting it into a client, will take its toll on your resources – and worse, could cost you considerable amount of time and money.

Social media is a more cost-effective option. Setting up accounts on channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are free, while running targeted campaigns on them are fairly inexpensive. You can even advertise a campaign for one dollar per day.

It has much greater potential compared to traditional marketing techniques. And if done right, you will be able to generate favorable results in no time.

2. Joint marketing efforts

Social media will allow you to collaborate with other brands and come up with a marketing plan that works for both.  You can look for a neighboring small business that targets people within your niche and ask them to partner with you. Then, spread the word on your social media accounts.

For example, you can tell your audience that future homebuyers can get a 15% coupon to an interior designer when they buy from you. Another example is teaming up with a small business for a social media contest. The winners can receive a prize that includes services from you and your partner.

This will help you and your partner build brand awareness. You will be able to position yourself in front of more potential clients and encourage them to buy from both businesses.

3. Build social proof

One way to entice curious consumers is to build social proofs, and social media can help you with that.

For instance, if one of your clients writes a favorable testimonial about your business and mentions you, make sure to share it on your social media channels and thank them for their review.

When users find your profile, they will see your shares showing what other people are saying about you. This can greatly impact their purchase decisions. As what we always say, consumers are more likely to buy if they see others using and enjoying the same item. By sharing the experiences of your clients on social media, you can possibly convince these prospects to purchase a property from you.

4. Improve audience engagement

Social media marketing for real estate agents will allow you to interact with your prospects and clients directly.

You will be able to assess their needs and provide solutions to their problems without meeting them face-to-face. Other than that, you will also be able to provide them with valuable information that can keep them engaged, and ultimately entice them to visit your website.

For instance, when you promote a giveaway or organize a contest on social media, lots of people will surely engage with it. As a result, they will click your landing page and potentially browse your content, leading to site traffic – and possibly leads.

5. Personalized advertising

With social media, you will also be able to create personalized ads for your brand.

Most consumers are willing to exchange their contact information for relevant campaigns. If an ad is relevant to their lives and experiences, they are more likely to check your real estate services.

So, make sure to be specific with your ideal clients and make the most out of the targeting options of social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to get more leads and conversions.

Final Thoughts

With these social media marketing for real estate benefits, there’s no question that you should consider social media as an effective digital marketing tactic. Millions of people use it as a way to check out new homes or properties for sale, compare prices, and eventually make a purchase. So, you should be in it – showcasing your listings and closing deals.