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6 Real Estate Facebook Ad Tactics That Drive Conversions

Are you ready to attract more home buyers and sellers? Then, you’re on the right page. Master the real estate Facebook ad tactics we listed in this article and be an advertising pro in no time!

Facebook helps real estate agents and companies connect with more potential clients online. It has become a go-to platform for building brand awareness and driving leads. In other words, it is one of the best channels that you can use to showcase your listings across social media.

Today, Realtors Social will guide you on how you can take advantage of Facebook ads to get more conversions. From targeting the right audience to making your conversions grow – we got you covered. Read on.

6 Real Estate Facebook Ad Tactics for Beginners

Due to the ongoing pandemic crisis around the globe, the real estate market has been greatly affected. No one wants to go out of their home and check new properties anymore. But, it doesn’t mean that you should stop hustling, too.

You need to keep going. Promote your real estate business on social media, especially on Facebook.

Facebook has generated a lot of success for real estate agents, thanks to its advanced targeting options. Their ad campaigns appear often to interested consumers who are most likely to purchase or sell a home, making it easier for them to close deals.

Stir up the interest of property renters and buyers.

Here are some effective tactics that can help leverage your Facebook ad campaigns:

1. Create a buyer persona

When buying or selling properties, you need to know more about your target market. This will help you in building an accurate buyer persona and allow you to engage the right people.

For beginners, a buyer persona is a fictional profile that highlights the characteristics of your ideal client. Some of the data that you should gather when creating one are their demographics, interests, needs, and socioeconomic status.

Once you have your own marketing persona, you will be able to narrow down the right audience and interact with them more effectively.

Another great tactic is to use the Facebook Custom Audiences feature. It can also help you attract a specific audience and retarget users who recently engaged with your brand or content. It can be a user who signed up for your email list, subscribed to text message notifications, or visited your Page. 

Custom Audiences will find and reach people with similar online behavior based on gathered data about existing customers. In other words, the platform will deliver your campaign to users who suit your parameters.

2. Write clear ad copies

Keep your ad copy short and straight to the point. Yes, we understand that you want to make your campaigns compelling, but they should also remain transparent and honest. 

Make your offer clear when writing an ad copy. Whether you’re advertising your services or listing a home for sale, your followers should know exactly what you are offering. Show them how your listing meets their preferences, how you can help them sell the home fast, and more.

You should also include engaging CTAs (call-to-actions) in your ad campaigns. They can help entice people to click your website link, head over to your landing page, subscribe to your email list, or fill out a contact form for more information.

3. Upload high-quality visuals

Photos and videos can make your ads more attractive. You will be able to draw new followers and prospective clients to your Facebook Page when you incorporate high-quality visuals on your ad. So, never forget this real estate Facebook ad tactic.

Make sure that the images match the goal of your campaign. Whether you’re promoting your brand to new audiences or showcasing your listings, you need to choose the photos that could enhance your ad and capture people’s attention.

Visuals help you show off what you are promoting, so focus on incorporating photos and videos that represent selling points of your real estate properties. Whether it’s a two-car garage or vaulted ceilings, you should highlight the features that will draw in clients.

4. Plan ahead

During peak season, it is easy to take digital marketing for granted because realtors are too busy closing deals with buyers. However, it’s a huge mistake. These busy times will actually give you a much better chance of selling, especially if you advertise your listings to the right people.

So, don’t put off marketing during peak season. What you need to do is to plan ahead of time. We also recommend you to save a little ad budget so that you can attract a larger group of people before other realtors sweep them up.

5. Try different ad formats

To get the best results, try using different formats for your ad campaigns. You will never know what could keep your target audience engaged, so give them a wide variety of ad copy types.

Here are some of the most popular ad formats for real estate brands:

Instant Experiences.

In the past, this ad format is known as Facebook Canvas. They are full-screen campaigns that bring audiences directly to landing pages integrated on the platform. 


Run video ads on your Page. This format can help your real estate brand engage with target audience better and show off all the unique aspects of your listings.


Facebook Story ads are full-screen clips set in a vertical format. These ads will provide you with an added dimension to the already-attractive video ad systems.


Carousel will allow you to present multiple videos or images of your listings. You can incorporate up to 10 videos or photos per campaign.


Image ads are the most common type of campaign format on Facebook.  This is effective, especially if the photo truly represents your goal.

6. Make compelling landing pages

Including landing pages on your ads are a great way to generate conversions. Your campaigns will definitely yield better results because of it – as a landing page can direct prospective clients to specific services or listings you offer.

Just make sure that your landing pages are compelling and straight to the point to entice them to take action. Also, you need to ensure that each page comes with engaging visuals and web design.

For instance, your landing page should have in-depth information about the listing if you are showcasing one through Facebook ads. On the other hand, your page should have a contact form if you are offering an online home evaluation tool for visitors.

Grow Your Real Estate Clients

Creating and running a real estate Facebook ad for your marketing campaign is easy. What’s difficult is optimizing it to get quality leads and conversions. Follow these effective tactics to reach social media success.