linkedin for real estate

6 Ways to Harness the Power of LinkedIn for Real Estate Success

In the past, LinkedIn is just a social media platform used for networking. But today, it is utilized by businesses from different industries to grow their client base and dominate in a very competitive market. So, hop on the LinkedIn for real estate bandwagon and start reaching success for your brand, too.  

Unlike other social media channels, LinkedIn is the platform of choice for individuals and executives that you would definitely like to leave a lasting first impression on.

Various professionals and some of the most influential people are on LinkedIn, including prospective tenants, homebuyers, and investors, so it’s vital for real estate agents like you to get your brand out there.

Harness the untapped power of LinkedIn marketing today to attract more potential clients, establish your business’s credibility, generate qualified leads, and ultimately drive more conversions to your bottom line.

Results-Driven LinkedIn for Real Estate Strategies 2021

To achieve social media success through this professional platform, you need to put in a lot of effort at first. Once you get a hang of the following strategies we listed below, it will be easier for you to yield better outcomes out of your marketing efforts.

1. Update your profile

Create a complete LinkedIn profile to ensure that your company exhibits a strong, credible presence on the platform

Your main profile and your employees’ should have a professional photo, as well as a summary of your brand’s accomplishments, credentials, and experience. Make sure that everything is cohesive and professional-looking, including your logo and cover photo.

2. Tailor engaging posts

One of the most important LinkedIn for real estate strategies that you should keep in mind is ensuring that every post you publish on the platform provides value to your audience.

If most of your connections are made up of influential people and executives, they may not be interested in reading content about broker events or open houses. Try amplifying thought leadership content and share the latest industry news to boost your engagement.

They are likely to respond better if your posts are about media interviews and how-to guides done by company leaders.

3. Make connections

If your friends, colleagues, and existing clients are on LinkedIn, reach out to them. Start by making connections with them before establishing relationships with other professionals on the platform.

You can use LinkedIn’s internal search feature to find the right people. It will offer you a substantial amount of options – enabling you to narrow down your search and dive deeper into specific location, industry, and keywords.

We don’t suggest approaching strangers as it can impact your overall brand reputation. If you’re marked as a spammer, your account may get banned from adding more connections, too. What you should do is to ask your current connections for referrals or recommendations to individuals they are already connected to.

4. Join conversations

Get involved and initiate meaningful conversations on LinkedIn. Join Groups with a relevant niche, like or comment on the status of your connections, and follow different companies from the platform’s “Company Follow” feature.

These tactics will help establish who you are as a real estate professional, allow you to connect with the right prospects, and keep you up-to-date with the latest news or trends around the industry.

5. Link your website

The platform enables users, especially businesses, to link their blog, website, or any other marketing channels they like on their profiles.

This is a fantastic way to build your real estate brand while driving traffic to your blog page, landing page, or website. Don’t worry; it has a very simple set-up process. Even if you’re still a beginner, you can link various marketing channels on LinkedIn with ease.

Just make sure to change the standard “My Website” headline that the platform provides once you identify which networks you will link to so that your connections can have a better understanding of your real estate services.

6. Extend your reach

Other than posting compelling content and joining LinkedIn groups, there’s a bigger opportunity not many brands take advantage of when it comes to leveraging the platform’s value. It is extending their reach with the help of team members.

Once you create or curate quality content, encourage all of your employees to like, share, and comment on it using their own accounts. This could cause your post to become trending in just a short amount of time, exposing it to a broader group of audience.

In Summary

Don’t waste any more time implementing a mediocre strategy. Follow these LinkedIn for real estate strategies and achieve the success you’ve been looking for.