benefits of social media marketing

5 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Just like in-person marketing, the key to succeed in social media is to concentrate on engaging and interacting with your target audience. Harnessing these aspects effectively can help you yield the best results – while reaping all the top benefits of social media marketing for real estate.

There’s a lot of value behind social media. Digital marketing through this medium has impacted every aspect of people’s daily lives.

Users go to search engines for everything they need. From booking hotels to finding the best seafood restaurant near their location, social media makes it easier and more convenient for them. Because of this, small businesses – including real estate agents – are continuously gaining incredibly valuable opportunities to grow and succeed. Continue reading →

real estate social media tools

Best Real Estate Social Media Tools for the Modern Agent

For any real estate agent, social media management can seem like a second full-time job. From managing different accounts to tracking results, you need to do all of them consistently if you want to keep up with the competition. Luckily, real estate social media tools are now available to help you out.

Social media is king when it comes to generating quality leads and connecting with clients effectively. However, you need something more than just a fundamental understanding of the need for an active online presence to make it happen.

You need to be consistent on providing compelling content, engaging with your followers and clients, answering inquiries, running highly-targeted ads, and updating your social media strategy. This can be time-consuming, especially if you’re promoting your real estate services on multiple platforms.

That’s why you need to look for the best social media management tools to save time and effort. They are definitely a powerful weapon that can help build your brand from the ground up. Continue reading →

social media do's and don'ts for real estate

Social Media Do’s and Don’ts for Real Estate Agents

If you want to yield profitable results from your social media marketing efforts, you should do it the right way. Today, Realtors Social will list down the most common social media do’s and don’ts that you should consider when promoting your real estate brand across different platforms.

An engaging social media presence needs to be a vital objective of every real estate company. Lots of people use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find a new home that fits their needs, or sell an old one fast. Therefore, you need to maintain an active presence online to continuously stay ahead, grow, and succeed.

This can seem daunting, especially if you’re not familiar with how social media marketing for real estate works. But with the perfect combination of focus, automation, and application of social media best practices, you will be able to accomplish a lot. Continue reading →

social media marketing for real estate

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate: Effective Ways to Increase Online Presence

Social media acts as a great resource for consumers looking to buy or sell homes. It has a significant influence on homebuyers’ decision-making journey, too.  So, make sure to use social media marketing for real estate the right way to drive more conversions.

In the past, newspaper ads and yard signs are enough to sell houses. However, because of the rapid innovation of technology, buyers nowadays rely more on website pages and social media platforms to look for “for sale” properties.

Sure, it is unlikely for them to hand down the deposit quickly just by checking a couple of Instagram images or Facebook posts of your listings. But with a well-thought social media marketing plan, it can definitely happen. Continue reading →

real estate influencer marketing

Top Real Estate Influencer Marketing Strategies That Every Brand Should Know

Gain more prospective clients and dominate the competition – we got your back. Realtors Social will guide you in creating an effective real estate influencer marketing strategy so that your business can thrive and win online.   

In order to stay ahead, real estate agents should keep up with how digital marketing is evolving. Sure, direct or traditional marketing is still effective. But if you want to reach more prospects in today’s very competitive market, you need to build relationships and collaborate with the most popular influencers across social media.

That is where influencer marketing comes in.

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Real Estate Social Media Strategy: Improve Your Marketing Plan Fast

Do you want to use social media to promote your listings and sell more homes? Then, this article is for you. We’ll help revamp your real estate social media strategy to get quality leads and more conversions.

In the past, the real estate market was used to be an industry that only depended on traditional marketing and cold calling. But today, it is officially online. It is now a marketplace that relies heavily on different types of digital marketing, including social media. 

Social media has a big impact on building customers’ trust, especially if you’re a realtor. It is a major lead generation tool for real estate companies, yet most of them fail to boost their efficiency online.

One of the reasons is an ineffective real estate marketing strategy. If you want to grow and thrive online, you should craft a plan that can help you make it happen.

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