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Effective Tips On How To Leverage Real Estate Video Marketing

Getting started with real estate video marketing can be overwhelming. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you out. In this article, we’ve compiled the most effective tactics in creating compelling video content for your business.

As an individual who has been in the real estate industry for a while, you might already know how fierce the competition is.

Real estate agents are everywhere, while potential clients are limited. And they are not looking for any other agent; they want someone who they can fully trust.

So, how can you make your business stand out from the competition? Our response is quite simple – take advantage of video marketing.

Real Estate Video Marketing Tips for Success

If you haven’t hopped on the video bandwagon yet, then it’s time for you to take the leap. Videos can be a great addition to your social media content ideas, and any competent realtor should be using them when promoting their business.

High-quality clips will help you maintain a strong, reputable online presence for your target audience. Other than that, it will also allow you to dominate and show your brand’s unique side.

Sell more homes with these video marketing techniques:

1. Plan ahead

Just like other forms of digital marketing, you also need to build a comprehensive plan for video marketing.

You need to spend some time figuring out the types of videos you want to create, how you’re going shoot and edit them, where to upload them, and more. Develop a detailed plan, especially for the video production. Do in-depth research, work with your team, and create a strategy to reach your video goals head on.

This will allow you to combine all of the components of the process together in a reasonable time frame and prevent you from feeling overwhelmed.

2. Humanize the content

One of the most effective real estate video marketing tactics that you can use to win your potential clients over is emotional appeal.

Always remember that buying or selling a property is such a personal experience – it triggers emotions effectively. And since people often act with their emotions, storytelling through videos can truly be helpful in driving conversions.

So, make sure to create powerful videos. Give them all the feels and show them why they should work with your real estate firm.

3. Keep it short

People’s attention span becomes limited when they are browsing web pages and social media feeds. That’s why you need to get your message across different channels quickly and remove any unnecessary parts on your videos to keep them short.

Load them up with informative content – especially at the beginning – to encourage viewers to stick around and learn the most essential points of the video before exiting the screen.

The ideal video length for Instagram is 30 seconds, while YouTube is 2 minutes. Facebook and Twitter, on the other hand, have ideal video lengths of 1 minute and 45 seconds, respectively.

4. Make the videos engaging

You may think that making your videos visually engaging is difficult, but it’s not. Since you also enjoy watching videos online, your best judgment will guide you in the right direction. You will instinctively know whether the videos you created are worth watching or snooze-worthy.

To make sure that they can keep people engaged, though, there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

First, film your videos in a well-lit room. Record during the day and open all the windows so that the natural light floods inside. If the level of sunlight is too low or you don’t have enough windows, try to use the indoor lighting.

Second, move the camera at the right speed. Don’t move it too fast because your viewers will be forced to pause or rewind the video if you’re doing a walkthrough. Don’t move too slowly as well because you’ll surely lose viewers.

Lastly, include interesting focal points in your shots. For instance, don’t point the camera on the wall as you describe the room. Keep the viewers interested by panning the camera or walking to another room.

5. Include subtitles

While you should add a clear audio for the viewers who want to turn up their volume when watching videos, you must also incorporate subtitles for everybody else.

Not everyone turns up their volume to listen to audio, so subtitles are a perfect option to keep them engaged. It is the only way to for you to provide important details or context if they are not listening in.

Use online programs or tools that will allow you to apply subtitles automatically. Just make sure that every text is well-spaced and accurate throughout the clip. Check for errors and edit them so that the video remains high-quality.


Today is the best day to start leveraging real estate video marketing for your business. Start mastering these techniques to get a high level of engagement from your videos.