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How to Create Real Estate Instagram Posts That Boost Engagement

As a real estate agent, you know better than anyone else that spreading your brand message across social media is vital to reach more leads. In this article, we will provide you with content marketing tactics that can help you in creating conversion-driven real estate Instagram posts.

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for real estate marketing today. It can be a powerful way to boost your audience engagement, thanks to its user-friendly features and high-visual nature.

However, since a lot of real estate brands are promoting on Instagram nowadays, it’s quite difficult to build a large following and attract new prospects in a short amount of time.

You really need to step up your game so that you can stand out from the competition. Don’t simply post reviews after reviews with occasional images of your new listings – nobody wants to see that. Provide value to your target market and make them come back for more.

Tips in Creating Amazing Real Estate Instagram Posts

If you want to catch people’s attention, you should create a post that interested home buyers would actually want to look at – something that establishes trust, brings excitement, and triggers curiosity.

Always remember, when people trust you and want to know more about your business, closing deals is easy.  And Instagram is the perfect channel to reach these goals because it can show your brand’s human side.

Consider these tips when crafting your Instagram posts for real estate:

1. Define your brand

When you’re using social media to promote your business, you need to determine what your brand is all about first. On top of that, you should also identify what you want people to associate with or see when they check your Instagram page.

This will eventually become your brand message across your social media accounts, in-person meetings, business cards, and website. So, know more about your business, its audience, and goals.

Strong branding will help you define the type of content to publish to attract your ideal clients, the right hashtags to use, how you write your captions, and more. It will also prevent you from using anything off-brand.

2. Upload stunning images

First impressions last, and this rule also applies to your Instagram posts.

Since it is a visual-based platform, it’s important to upload high-quality visuals to differentiate your brand from competitors. Put some effort in creating them to yield better results.

Take a look at these photography tactics:  

  • Whether you use a professional camera or only a mobile phone, make sure to invest in proper lighting equipment and a tripod – as they can help capture stunning images.
  • Buy a camera lens if you’re taking pictures with your phone.
  • If you don’t have a lot of time to do it on your own, hire a professional photographer to help you out.
  • Take multiple images so that you can have different options to choose from when you’re ready to post.
  • Instagram comes with photo-editing features, but if you want to give your images an extra lift, try using editing tools like VSCO and Adobe Lightroom.
  • Consider the best way possible to showcase your listings. Show the new home from the outside, upload floor plans, use the Carousel feature, and more.
  • Take “before and after” pictures to persuade your prospects further.

3. Use real estate hashtags

Including hashtags in your real estate Instagram posts will allow people to easily find your brand. However, you need to use them wisely because not all of them are made equal. Take note that your content will only be associated with the real estate community if you use specific hashtags, so make sure that the ones you use are highly relevant and popular.

We also recommend using a branded hashtag for your posts. These are tags specifically created for your brand. For instance, if your company is Realtor Social, then your branded hashtag can be #realtorsocial. When people search or click for it, they will quickly see all the content associated with your account.

4. Plan ahead

Thousands of posts are being published on Instagram every hour, so in order to be seen by your target audience, you need to be consistent. But, you can’t spend all of your time posting on the platform – you still have a business to run after all.

That’s why you should plan ahead, create posts in advance, and schedule them on your social media management tool. You can choose from Buffer, Preview App, Hootsuite, Planoly, and other popular scheduling tools available online.

5. Don’t do these mistakes

Other than guiding you on how to create compelling real estate Instagram posts, we will also tell you what content marketing practices should be avoided.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Avoid swearing in video posts or image captions. Most buyers are parents, so keep it professional.
  • Don’t talk bad or slander your competitors. Nobody wants to purchase a home from someone who defames another real estate agent. It will just make you look lousy and mean.
  • Always think twice or even thrice before posting. Ask yourself if you want to show or say it to prospective client. If your answer is no, then remove it right away.
  • Handle negative comments with care. Address them and solve any issues that your clients are facing.
  • Don’t show off or boast on Instagram. Sure, doing this can help establish your career. But going overboard will make your Page look like it’s everything about you. Nobody will buy from someone who only thinks about themselves.
  • Only publish content relevant to your brand. Never mix personal content with it as it looks unprofessional.


Now that you know how to create engaging real estate Instagram posts, it will be easier for you to generate traffic, leads, and ultimately conversions. Follow the tips listed above to make the most out of your Instagram marketing strategy.