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Real Estate Content Marketing: Blogging Hacks to Capture More Leads

Level up your real estate content marketing strategy. In this article, we’ll provide expert blogging tips that can help you generate more leads and sales. It’s time to grow and beat the competition. Read on!

Blogging can be an incredibly useful tool for realtors looking to make their presence known across social media. The problem is that blogging alone doesn’t necessarily lead to business growth.

In order to drive a real return on investment, you have to be more strategic. You can’t just publish words on your blog page week after week, the traffic and leads aren’t there.

You need to plan your content. Provide value to your target audience, capture and nurture leads, and attract new clients. In other words, invest your time and money in content marketing.

Real Estate Content Marketing Tips 2021

Coming up with fresh content everyday can be tiresome. But there’s a trick to get around this laborious work. By choosing a few series of blog post types that fit in your niche, you will be able to make a handful of relevant articles on a weekly or even monthly basis.

Get out of the stagnancy in producing unique content ideas and keep engaging your audience.

Here are some blogging hacks that you can use to capture quality leads:

1. Sell experiences

If you want to make the most out of your content marketing strategy, you should avoid blog topics that only talk about the houses you sell.  When you only focus on selling houses, prospective buyers won’t get excited about your content.

What you need to do is sell experiences. Tell them what a new house will mean for them and their family – make them feel excited.

Instead of sharing real estate industry news and home buying FAQs, create blogs that people can relate to. Try writing topics about how they can survive or what they can do freely in a new city. This will help differentiate your brand from competitors and gain more traffic. You will become more than just another realtor – you will become a trusted community advocate.

2. Prioritize visuals

First impressions are important in the real estate market, especially online. That’s why you should prioritize incorporating attractive visuals to your blog posts. Populate your website and social media pages with stunning images so that potential clients can assess the properties better.

Use high-resolution photography for open house, staging, and showcasing purposes. These images can also be used across social media, ad campaigns, flyers, and other marketing channels.

Other than images, you can also upload infographics – they are dynamic assets for real estate agents. They are perfect for answering FAQs, providing quick guides, and more in an illustrative format. For instance, “fixed-rate vs. adjustable” rate or “renting vs. owning” can be easily visualized via infographics.

3. Provide valuable insights

As a realtor who wants to gain a better ROI, you need to build a large following that can help share your blogs to more people outside of your community. To do this, you should use your content as a way to leverage yourself as a provider of valuable information for future homebuyers.

Write blog posts that cover topics outside of what your competitors are writing about. Be a broader resource.

For instance, try sharing tips for organizing homes with limited storage space or show them how to maintain an outdoor pool. In short, write about relevant topics that don’t involve buying houses, the changes in the real estate industry, or selling properties. 

4. Make additional resources

Another great tip to level up your real estate content marketing strategy is to go beyond the blog posts you write. It is not enough to simply post content on your website anymore. You need to provide value to your prospects to keep them engaged. 

Spend your effort, time, and money in creating additional resources that you can add in your posts. These resources include slide decks, videos, eBooks, free email courses, and helpful worksheets or checklists.

Once you have a wide variety of marketing resources for your audience, give them away for free. It is the best way to offer them in exchange for their contact information or email addresses.

5. Share success stories

Including user-generated content on your blog post will also help you in selling more homes and obtaining new clients. Add video testimonials, customer quotes, and other form of UGCs that represent success stories of clients. These social proofs can help drive conversions and gain tangible ROI.

You can also use your blogs to provide solutions to your prospects most common problems. As a real estate agent, you know very well what they go through when buying or selling a property, so help them succeed.  Tell them how to sell a home fast, assist first-time homebuyers in their journey, list down the staging mistakes that realtors should avoid, and more.

6. Use innovative tools

If you want generate good results from your content marketing efforts, you need to be willing to adapt and use innovative blogging tools.

Stop doing everything manually on your own. There’s a wide range of tools available out there that can help automate tasks, measure what works, and standardize processes. Just make sure to pick the tools that will allow you to focus on improving your marketing strategy and managing your business.

For instance, take Trello. You can use it to manage the content creation process – from the blog idea to its completion. This is helpful, especially for those who want to add more writers to their team. Another great example is CoSchedule, which will help you in building a comprehensive content calendar, managing social media accounts, and more.

Key Takeaway: Strategic Content Marketing Rules

Content is king. Yes, there is still plenty of room for traditional marketing. But because we are already living in the digital age, expect that most of your marketing content will be published online. That’s why you need to make sure that your real state content marketing plan is effective.

You should also ensure that all of your blogs are well-written, relevant, and unique.

Provide value to your audience. Engage them through the information you give out. They will definitely remember you any time they need to buy or sell a home, because you have already built your brand as a trusted advocate in real estate.