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Real Estate Social Media Strategy: Improve Your Marketing Plan Fast

Do you want to use social media to promote your listings and sell more homes? Then, this article is for you. We’ll help revamp your real estate social media strategy to get quality leads and more conversions.

In the past, the real estate market was used to be an industry that only depended on traditional marketing and cold calling. But today, it is officially online. It is now a marketplace that relies heavily on different types of digital marketing, including social media. 

Social media has a big impact on building customers’ trust, especially if you’re a realtor. It is a major lead generation tool for real estate companies, yet most of them fail to boost their efficiency online.

One of the reasons is an ineffective real estate marketing strategy. If you want to grow and thrive online, you should craft a plan that can help you make it happen.

How to Create an Effective Real Estate Social Media Strategy

Get ahead of your competitors. Dominate across all major platforms and get a long lasting effect on your bottom line. It’s time to employ winning tactics to gain the edge in the real estate market.

Here’s how you can improve your real estate social media strategy this year:

1. Choose the right platforms

Whether it’s your first time to use social media or you already have existing accounts for your brand, it is essential to weigh in the benefits and costs of each platform you plan to use.

Primarily, the cost will be in time. So, decide how much time you are willing to give and determine if it is worth the potential benefits.

Consider these factors when choosing the right channels:


You will be able to manage all of your social media accounts more efficiently as you gain experience. However, each account can easily require a couple of hours per week for maintenance.

So, even if you’re at your most efficient, it still may not be enough. Decide how many accounts you can handle, as well as how much time you can dedicate each week.


Each channel interacts with its users in a unique way. For instance, Instagram is all about photos and short video clips while Facebook is built around comments and clicks. We recommend diversifying your platforms to attract as many people as possible.


Creating business pages are free on all social media platforms. However, having a marketing budget will allow you to boost your reach and connect with more prospects. That’s why you should also consider allocating a budget for ad campaigns.


Identify which platforms your target audience are using. This will help narrow down your choices. On top of that, it will allow you to engage the right people effectively.

2. Set-up profiles

Once you’ve decided which social media channels to use for your real estate brand, you can start setting up your business pages. Make sure that they are all optimized because it will help them get ranked on social media search results.

Here are some tips:

  • Take a professional headshot or use an existing, up-to-date photo as your profile picture. Use it on each business profile so that people can easily recognize your brand.
  • Tell prospects what you can do for them through the About Us section. Include some keywords on the description to keep it optimized.
  • Make sure to add your contact information on each page so that people can easily reach out to you. This information usually includes your email address, website link, and phone number.
  • Turn your profile to “Public” so that those who are interested in your brand can see all of your posts and engage with them.

3. Build a content plan

Now, it’s time to produce high-quality, useful content. Always remember that the most compelling content rises to the top. So, make sure to carefully plan what you intend to post.

Check out these planning tips:

  • Make a content calendar. This will help you pre-plan what type of posts to publish each day – you can plan up to several weeks in advance.
  • Use a social media scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite. It will allow you to publish a week’s worth of content on multiple platforms in advance. 
  • Create a wide variety of content types for your target audience. Organize contests, upload videos, share blogs, and more to keep your pages fresh and relevant.
  • Provide value beyond real estate if you want to maintain a strong presence on across social media. Post home improvement ideas, DIY guides, area guides, real estate news, and more.
  • Publish local content often. This content type can help capture people’s attention, so try posting local information, events, images, and other things that can have an immediate impact on a person’s life.
  • Ask your fans and followers some questions, recommend them to like and share your posts, and invite them to post a comment. These tactics will help keep the engagement flowing.

4. Maintain consistency

Another tip that you should follow to improve your real estate social media strategy is to be consistent. Being inconsistent or posting far in between can lead to a drop in followers. So, create and produce content regularly.   

This will help your brand stay in your audience’s mind, which makes a positive impact in their buying decisions in the long run. Try developing a regular release schedule by determining what times and days most people are active on social. You will be able to use an automated process if you get good at this trick.

5. Establish your brand

To level up your marketing strategy further, you should start establishing your brand name across different platforms. This should be both a goal and a means to reach the other objectives you want to accomplish through social media marketing.

Here are some tips:

  • Get an idea of what your target audience will be most interested in – begin tracking consumer trends. Follow local groups, pay attention to what topics generate discussions, and look for the latest news.
  • Focus on helping your audience, followers, and current customers. Show them how they can benefit from following your business pages. Understand their needs and problems.
  • One good way to build the trust of your audience is to show the human side of your brand. Humanize it. Tell inspiring stories, share behind-the-scenes moments, and more.
  • Be prepared to answer people’s questions, establish relationships with them, and reply to their comments right away if you want them to continuously interact with you. Engagement goes both ways, so reach out to them as they reach out to you.

6. Track your success

Always remember, a good goal is both measurable and specific. If there are not metrics to track, it is hard to determine whether your ads and social media posts are generating better results or not.

Luckily, most platforms provide free social media analytics tools that will allow you to know if you’re hitting the right target, or you should improve your strategy more. 

Here are some of the metrics that you can track, as well as some tips:

  • Shares – Monitor what type of content gets the most shares. Post more of it so that more people can share your content.
  • Comments – You will have a great opportunity to start a conversation with your audience when they leave a comment on your posts. So, encourage them to leave a comment.
  • Likes – Just like shares, you should also track which posts generate the most likes on each platform. This will allow you to identify what topics will help you get the best results.

That’s a Wrap!

These are just some of the most effective tips that you can use when optimizing your real estate social media strategy. Make sure to follow all of the tactics we listed above to generate better results in no time.