social media marketing for real estate

Social Media Marketing for Real Estate: Effective Ways to Increase Online Presence

Social media acts as a great resource for consumers looking to buy or sell homes. It has a significant influence on homebuyers’ decision-making journey, too.  So, make sure to use social media marketing for real estate the right way to drive more conversions.

In the past, newspaper ads and yard signs are enough to sell houses. However, because of the rapid innovation of technology, buyers nowadays rely more on website pages and social media platforms to look for “for sale” properties.

Sure, it is unlikely for them to hand down the deposit quickly just by checking a couple of Instagram images or Facebook posts of your listings. But with a well-thought social media marketing plan, it can definitely happen.

In this article, we will talk about how social media marketing can help your real estate business thrive online. We will also provide you with some helpful tips that can be used to boost your online presence, expand your reach, and drive leads.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Real Estate

How you market your houses effectively has become more difficult than ever – thanks to the advancement of technology. While letter drops, newspapers, and shop front listings has a role to play in real estate, social media marketing still provides a more powerful way to find and reach the right people.

Here are some of the key benefits that you can get out of an effective social media strategy:

Establishes brand awareness

Social media marketing will allow you to showcase your listings in front of a very wide audience. You will be able to let people know more about what you’re offering and your brand’s existence. On top of that, it can also help you build relationships with potential clients and gain referrals from them.

More cost-effective

Social media marketing is more cost-effective and has greater potential compared to traditional marketing. It’s easy to manage, too – from setting up business pages on different platforms to running ad campaigns. It will allow you to craft highly-targeted campaigns, generate a better ROI, and grow without spending too much time and resources.

Reaches high intent clients

Social media marketing will give you an opportunity to engage people who are actively looking to sell or buy real estate properties. It uses algorithms and data to narrow down social media users and find the right people for you to connect with.

Step-Up Social Media Marketing for Real Estate With These Tips

Whether you’re struggling to find social media success or just starting to promote your listings online, these tips can help level up your strategy and yield better results.

1. Provide real estate knowledge

Educating followers and sharing real estate knowledge can boost audience engagement. Always remember, people love free insider knowledge. So, make an effort to provide them with value as much as possible.

It helps them understand why they need a real estate when buying or selling a property. Other than that, it also allows them to see you as an expert in the industry. They are more likely to go to your Page or call you when they have real estate needs because they see that you can assist them.

Try explaining different real estate processes, including negotiating closing costs and home inspections. You can also educate them with common real estate mistakes or share relevant industry news.

2. Upload quality images

If you want to grow your social media presence faster, we recommend incorporating stunning images to your posts. Poor quality or grainy photos will just hurt your brand, so make sure that they are all high-resolution.

This tactic will give your business pages a more professional look, as well as the impression of great services. People are more likely to share your content, too, which helps maximize your exposure.

3. Engage with prospects

Social media allows brands to communicate directly with prospects. When a follower asks some questions, it will help you give answers right away in the messenger box or comment section. It is also the perfect medium for getting a discussion going.

In other words, you can easily boost engagement through social media. So, make the most out of it. Acknowledge the comments that people leave on your posts – make them feel heard and seen. These interactions will make them want to go back for more and recommend you from their family and friends.

4. Post videos

Videos provide a more in-depth look of the information you share to people, including project ideas and home listings. You will be able to give viewers a better feel for the property’s layout or show real estate processes much more easily with videos.

We also recommend you to try doing live streams. It’s a better alternative to traditional videos because you don’t need to edit it. It’s also a great way to show your brand’s human side because it will allow you to interact with viewers in real-time.

5. Use hashtags

Choose the right hashtags so that potential clients can easily find your content across social media. Try using relevant keywords as hashtags – they can definitely help boost your posts on different platforms. If you’re a beginner and don’t have an idea on what to use, try looking at the ones used by your competitors.

You should also include a mix of general real estate tags, such as #openhouse, #homeforsale, #newhome, #realestate, and other location-specific tags like #Californiahomes or #Columbusdriveproperties.

6. Share success stories

To connect with homebuyers further, you should highlight some of your best success stories and client testimonials. This strategy can help show off the human side of your brand, as well as build a sense of social proof.

They are more spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a real estate company, so the more you are able to give them proof that past clients are satisfies with your service, the better.

Expand your audience reach today

Knowing how to use social media marketing for real estate effectively can help build your brand, grow your connections, and boost your revenue in no time. Make sure to follow the tips we listed above to start reaping all the benefits that social media provides.