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Top 8 Real Estate Marketing Trends for 2021

Stay ahead of the curb again this 2021. Realtors Social will present the best real estate marketing trends that you can follow and use to level up your overall marketing strategy today. These trends will not just keep your business more relevant; they will also be your key to get back on track and succeed.

Honestly, 2020 has been a year of changes. The pandemic has taken away a lot of opportunities from both individuals and businesses, including those in the real estate industry.

Since its onset, various health safety regulations have made in-person business inconvenient and challenging. Home buyers and sellers have also become more cautious when it comes to working with real estate agents.

But as many people say, those who adapt to these unpredictable changes will always prevail.

That’s why let’s leave 2020 behind and come up with alternative tactics or trends to continue thriving in the real estate market.

Yes, the current situation has brought a big change in the mentality and behavior of both home buyers and sellers – but you can do still something to survive.

Top Real Estate Marketing Trends 2021

There isn’t a quick solution to make a real estate marketing strategy successful. Trends come and go. Some may help you out and a lot ends up going out of style as fast as they came in.

So, before you go and promote your listings on TikTok, let’s determine the top real estate marketing trends for this year.

1. Virtual home tours

Because of our current situation, it is quite problematic to carry out in-person home tours. That’s why a lot of real estate businesses switched to virtual home tours so that clients can take a look at the properties safely and more conveniently.

It is a new, innovative way to show a home. It will allow them to view potential purchases remotely – reducing their risks of COVID-19 exposure. Just make sure to produce high-quality videos to showcase the selling points of your listings.

2. Social media marketing

Digital marketing will be the norm for real estate agents this year. Even those who have previously been reluctant to embrace innovation and technology won’t have a choice but to take advantage of various digital marketing tools to generate leads and conversions.

With many people now working remotely, some of them will mostly rely online to find real estate professionals that will help them sell or buy a property. Yes, internet consumption has steadily increased since the restriction of face-to-face interactions. That’s why it’s important for every realtor to have a strong, engaging online presence.

One way to leverage digital marketing today is to use social media. Since more people are staying and working from home, they tend to spend most of their time scrolling through social media feeds.

We recommend stepping up your social media marketing game by consistently producing compelling content, running winning campaigns, and increasing your ad spend. Establish your brand further, boost online visibility, and attract new clients with social media. 

3. Drone videos

Most potential buyers require seeing the neighborhood outside the property for sale. They want to picture themselves living in the community before even checking the interior of the house.

However, since in-person community tours using vehicles are not allowed, realtors need to find another way to convince their clients.

If you’re also looking for a solution, try using drones to create aerial videos. This equipment may have started as a high-tech novelty, but it has become a very useful tool for real estate businesses that want to promote their listings online.

Through aerial footages, you will be able to show the whole neighborhood to the clients. They can get a peek at the shopping centers, parks, work hubs, and schools near the house they wish to buy. 

4. Content marketing

Marketers are shifting their focus to less expensive digital marketing ideas. It has become essential for them to reduce marketing costs and step away from direct marketing so that their businesses stay afloat during these times of uncertainty.

One cost-effective way to drive website traffic and gain real estate leads is to concentrate on content marketing. This involves producing valuable content, such as blogs, social media posts, webinars, and YouTube videos – then sharing them to different marketing channels for target audiences to see.

5. Virtual staging

Other than in-person house and community tours, staging a home is also going virtual this 2021. More and more professionals are turning to this real estate marketing trend because it’s more affordable and efficient than staging a home face-to-face.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time, money, and manpower for staging anymore – thanks to 3D simulation. With just a few taps, this technology will allow you to change the wall colors, add window treatments, and upgrade the furniture of the property easily.

On top of that, it will also enable you to create different interior designs to meet every client’s needs. For instance, you could virtual stage a home to look like a family-friendly abode or a bachelorette’s pad, depending on the buyer’s preference. 

6. Community services

As mentioned above, local communities have been greatly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Many businesses closed down and lots of individuals lost their jobs.

During these troubled times, well-off real estate companies and agents are expected to give back to the community by being actively involved and doing charity work for the less fortunate.

Prospective home buyers look for competence and other great qualities when looking for a real estate agent that can help them out. And those who have been supporting the community are more likely to grab the attention of these potential clients.

Giving back will also help you build trust and credibility, as well as spread a positive image in the industry. So, make sure to help whenever you can.  

7. Email marketing

Agents who want to keep prospects consistently updated can get a lot of help from email marketing. This is the best time to engage their audience and existing clients even more.

This marketing trend has been used for years to attract and nurture leads, and it will continue to become a key part of an effective digital marketing strategy today. 

8. More inbound marketing

Direct marketing messages and ads have become less effective this year. Consumers are already bombarded with a huge load of text campaigns, door-to-door sale offers, telemarketing, and more – they are looking for new ways to connect with brands.

If you want to truly grow and attract more clients, you should focus more on inbound methods and reduce the use of outbound marketing tactics. Take note that in years to come, the game of improving personal brands will dominate.

Follow the trends that never go out of style…

You will surely reach your marketing goals in a shorter amount of time when you do. Make sure to learn more about the real estate marketing trends listed above so that you can stay relevant and achieve the all the success you’ve been looking for.